I had the pleasure of working with Gordon during my many years at [world renowned insurance company]. He was always our “go-to” person for difficult cases. He was able to navigate through the many layers of complexity and get to the bottom line of the case. He was thorough and diligent in his work, uncovering the information needed to effectively understand the situation. When it came time to discuss settlement, Gordon was always able to negotiate effectively and bring in a number that both sides could live with. He was masterful at making sure the initial offer was reasonable so that all parties would come to the table and get the job done. He is a lawyer who cares about his clients and will listen to their suggestions. He does not act unilaterally, but instead, works with the client so that his needs are always met. He is smart and capable of handling multiple cases at once and will provide timely updates as the case moves forward. He is not one to rush into litigation, but will go to trial if necessary. He is a tough fighter and knows how to win. I would highly recommend Gordon to anyone needing legal or investigative assistance.