Risk Management & Consulting

In business, some litigation is inevitable. Even if successful, litigation is costly and diverts resources away from more beneficial uses. Fortunately, while the risk of litigation cannot be eliminated, it can be effectively managed and minimized. Just as a proper foundation is essential for the stability of the building it supports, thorough risk management protocols are critical to litigation management and the financial security of a company.

At Walton Law Group, LLC, we not only defend insurers and manufacturers in the litigation of claims, we work to keep claims from arising and from proceeding to litigation. We have over 20 years' experience in risk management and consulting, protecting our clients from needless litigation so they can better manage their business and resources.

Experienced Counsel for Risk Management

Attorney Gordon K. Walton has served as partner in large, respected Chicago law firms helping clients resolve claims and manage their risk. In that capacity, he focused on developing Product Liability and Insurance Coverage Practice Groups, and on helping clients investigate and manage claims, prevent loss, and draft policy forms.

Walton Law Group helps clients analyze past claims and use that information to assess vulnerability to future liability. We review existing and proposed policy language to identify and fortify areas of potential risk for litigation exposure.

Focused, Experienced Risk Management & Consulting Advice

Walton Law Group assists companies throughout the country in identifying and resolving potential vulnerability to litigation risk. We invite you to contact us to discuss how Walton Law Group can support and advise your company in managing claims and minimizing needless litigation.