Our Fees

Quality legal representation, particularly in high-stakes matters, is an investment, not merely an expense. Walton Law Group, LLC understands the needs of insurers and manufacturers for legal services offered by a firm with experience in their unique risk and liability issues, and is sensitive to the cost issues those services may present.

Walton Law Group, LLC is committed to acting in our clients' best financial interests at all times. That includes offering fee arrangements designed to allow clients to receive the level of skilled representation they need without placing an unnecessary burden on their resources.

Customized Fee Arrangements to Meet Client Needs

We are willing to work with clients on an individual basis to discuss the scope of their legal matter and determine what fee arrangement will best allow us to meet their needs. Fee structures may include:

  • Traditional hourly billing
  • Budgeted fees
  • Flat fees for specific tasks
  • Incentive-based fee arrangements

In addition to offering a variety of fee structures for our clients' convenience, Walton Law Group, LLC is dedicated to operating as efficiently as possible to keep overall legal costs down.

Attorney Gordon K. Walton's extensive experience in insurance defense and insurance coverage litigation allow him to efficiently deliver exceptional work in situations in which other firms might employ a cadre of inexperienced associates at a higher cost. In cases where the services of additional personnel would be beneficial, Walton Law Group, LLC has access to the services of a select and trusted group of attorneys and paralegals who can build out the legal team as needed.

Walton Law Group, LLC invites you to contact us to discuss innovative and flexible fee arrangements to meet your company's legal needs.