Insurance Coverage Law

Insurance carriers must be constantly mindful of their loss and expense ratios while meeting the needs of their policyholders. Loss ratios that are too high may mean that insurers need to do a better job of managing their risk. Expense ratios that are too high may reflect a threat to the company's bottom line. In order to remain profitable and best serve the needs of clients, insurers must be proactive in managing the cost of each litigated claim, and forestall unnecessary litigation whenever possible.

At Walton Law Group, LLC, we have decades of experience representing insurers in coverage disputes at every step of the process, from pre-suit disputes through trial. We are also proficient at handling these matters through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms including arbitration and mediation.

Proactive Representation for Insurance Coverage Matters

Litigation management poses many challenges for carriers, including:

  • Increasing claims balanced against tightening financial resources
  • The need to reduce legal costs while improving legal outcomes
  • A lack of clarity regarding developing legal risks and how to manage them
  • Insufficient understanding of risk exposure and the cost of emerging risks

At Walton Law Group, we are keenly attuned to the pressures with which our clients are confronted. We have tried numerous insurance coverage matters, including general liability, pollution legal liability, professional liability, excess liability and umbrella liability policy cases. We provide detailed opinions on a range of legal issues, and serve as national counsel monitoring certain claims and advising insurance companies accordingly.

Our singular commitment is to be proactive in providing our clients with exceptional legal advice and representation in coverage matters. Our experience in cases across the nation often allows us to achieve the desired resolution short of trial. When trial is unavoidable, we have an outstanding record of success on our clients' behalf.

Effective, Efficient Insurance Coverage Representation in Chicago and Beyond

Walton Law Group assists insurance carriers in improving their ratios, managing claims more efficiently and proactively, and improving legal outcomes while managing legal costs.We invite you to contact us to discuss how Walton Law Group can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your company's claim handling process.