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Weighing Public Health Against Privacy – Governments’ Use of Drones to Expand the Surveillance State During the Coronavirus

As we enter what experts are calling the “second inning” of the Coronavirus pandemic, I have realized — either as a result of being confined to my house for more than a month now or simply through revelation — that the pandemic has changed ou… Read More

How Insurers are Responding to Drone Coverage Issues

In a recent blog post, we discussed the increasing use of drones and liability issues that accompany the developing ways in which drones are being employed by both businesses and recreational users. As noted before in this space, it often takes the l… Read More

Liability Issues and the Use of Drones: What Dangers are Hovering Right Above Us?

Breathtaking aerial photography. Lightning-quick delivery of packages. Increased military capabilities. The use of drones, which has skyrocketed in recent years, offers these and countless more benefits. New uses and applications for this technology… Read More

Liability Issues in 3D Printing

Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, with almost dizzying speed. Technological advances can bring great benefits, but sometimes the pace of development outstrips planning for liability issues. It can be difficult, and essential, to anticipate… Read More